Teammates Discuss YPO-WPO Business Showcase

September 29
Teammates Discuss YPO-WPO Business Showcase

The YPO-WPO (Young Presidents’ Organization and World Presidents’ Organization) Business Showcase is not your ordinary tradeshow event – in fact, it is the ideal situation for members to creatively show their business to other YPO-WPO affiliates. Overall, the YPO-WPO is an educational event for respective members to understand what brings others like themselves to the cause.

We recently caught up with Minneapolis Teammates, Deanne Erpelding, CID, IIDA, LEED® AP, Senior Director, Roslyn zumBrunnen, IIDA, LEED® AP, Senior Designer, and Cris Johnson, NCIDQ, Interior Designer/Senior Project Manager/Tenant Improvement to discuss their participation at the YPO-WPO Business Showcase on Thursday, September 10th. Here’s what they had to say!


Question: Thanks for taking the time to speak with us! Can you tell us a little bit about how you became involved with the YPO-WPO Business Showcase?

Answer: Ozzie Nelson reached out to us to represent Nelson Worldwide Holdings, Inc. at the YPO-WPO Business Showcase event. This business showcase allows YPO-WPO members and their spouse/partners to network with other members from the organization and learn about their respective businesses. 


Question: Who was in attendance at this year’s event?

Answer: 160+ YPO-WPO members and their spouse/partner attended the event this year. 


Question: What was your biggest take away from the event?

Answer: We found the variety of backgrounds and personal stories very interesting. From a gentleman who controlled a multi-billion dollar investment portfolio to a husband and wife that run a cleaning company, we found engaging stories and interesting insights into what drives the passions of a successful individual. 


Question: What do you believe was our impact on the event?

Answer: It was a great opportunity to inform local CEO’s and business owners of the impact Nelson Worldwide Holdings, Inc. can make with all our service offerings from architecture, interiors, engineering, lighting design, branding, workplace strategy, etc. We had a very colorful and lively booth with a giant Jenga game, delicious cake pops, and digital project imagery to showcase our creativity. 


Question: We loved the giant Jenga display! Did you get anyone to play?

Answer: The Jenga set-up was a fun way to describe our business. Having a tangible tie to what we do (hopefully more on the building up than falling down side of things!) was a great way to establish a theme for the display. We found it endearing to see people sneak out a block and carefully stack it back on top. Given the high ratio of risk-takers in this group, we were fairly surprised that no one knocked it over!


For more information, please contact Deanne Erpelding at

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