Brandon Pike Discusses BIM Workshops

September 03
Brandon Pike Discusses BIM Workshops

For Revit and BIM Experts all over the country, The BIM Workshops are a way to connect with other professionals, users, influencers, and decision makers on a person level. Formerly the Central States Revit Workshop, the originators of the workshop realized its true potential, rebranding into the national BIM Workshops with locations in the central states, mountain states, pacific coast, and Hawaii.

Brandon Pike, NELSON’s Strategic Manager, BIM Services has been actively involved with the BIM Workshops for quite some time. Most recently, he hosted two sessions at the BIM Workshops Central States held on August 6th and 7th. We caught up with Brandon to discover his insights and takeaways from the event.

Question: How did you become involved with the BIM Workshops?

Answer: Through prior industry speaking engagements, I was approached by the event organizing committee to speak at all three events this year as a National Speaker.

Question: What makes the BIM Workshops unique from other events?

Answer: What I like the most about BIM Workshops is that they are smaller regional conferences. BIM Workshops have less than half of the attendees of larger events, but they diligently seek out the industry leading speakers that you would normally find at a larger, higher profile event. BIM Workshops is a world-class learning event within a smaller venue which allows for more intimate interaction with the attendees and a higher level of learning.

Question: Do you attend any of the other workshops aside from Central States?

Answer: In 2015, I was invited as a National Speaker so I will be speaking at all three event this year. The Central States in Omaha, NE, the Mountain States in Phoenix, AZ, and the Pacific Coast in Anaheim, CA.

Question: Can you tell us about your presentations?

Answer: ‘DIY Facilities Management’ discusses current industry trends, challenges, and solutions for utilizing building information models for ongoing facilities management as well as the new business opportunities this presents for AEC firms.

‘Revit and Space Management’ discusses how varying types of space (BOMA, OSCRE, programming & occupancy) are managed, analyzed, and reported within Revit. We also discuss how these types of space analysis, management, and advisory services can lead to longer lasting relationships (beyond design and construction) with our clients.

Question: What is your biggest take away from the overall event?

Answer: The biggest take way that I have found from attending these regional events is that industry trends or ‘hot spots’ vary from region to region. It is very interesting to see how focuses shift and interest in various subjects differs from region to region. In one region, laser scanning to BIM and BIM for FM might be the premiere trend while in another visualization and virtual reality might be the buzz. I think this speaks greatly to the diversity in economies and cultures in different regions.

Question: How do your speaking engagements at BIM Workshop tie to NELSON?

Answer: The subject matter that I discuss in the presentations are directly influenced by the work we are currently doing at NELSON. By sharing the innovative services, technology breakthroughs, and thought leadership trends we are capitalizing on at NELSON, we raise NELSON’s profile in the industry.

For more information on the BIM Workshops, please contact Brandon at

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