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Waltham MA
Verizon Innovation Center, Waltham MA

NELSON the first Verizon Innovation Center located in Massachusetts’ famed “technology corridor.”  Created to foster, advance, showcase and demonstrate the next generation of Verizon’s wireless technology.

At the Innovation Center, Verizon engineers, technology partners, innovators, entrepreneurs, industry associations and customers work together to create real-world, everyday solutions that harness the speed and power of Verizon’s 4G LTE network. Comprised of high-end conference facilities, executive dining and multiple laboratory vignettes, the Innovation Center integrates LEED Gold design infused with technology, state-of-the-art interactive media, compelling product showcases and innovative brand messaging to provide visitors a unique, engaging experience. Each laboratory is individually designed with efficient HVAC and high-end audio/visual electronics.

In March 2012, the Verizon Innovation Center received the World Class Center Award from the Association of Briefing Program Managers. Verizon’s program marks the first time an innovation center has won this award.  In 2013, the site was selected for a global Green Good Design Award.


NELSON’s own Gary Miciunas has been featured in Chicago Creative Space for his expertise on the destination workplace and the future of the workplace in an article titled, “The Destination Workplace.”
The Rise of the Destination Workplace by Gary Miciunas

Creating a Healthy Environment

NELSON created a multi-clinic space from an abandoned shopping complex that included grocery, hardware and retail stores. Instead of produce and hammers, people now have an engaging environment to access a variety of orthopedic services.

Rockford Orthopedic

Delivering a High Performing Space


To create a space that successfully serves corporate, technology and operations teams within Radian’s new work environment, NELSON delivered a strong combination of design, strategic planning and change management services.



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NELSON has acquired EHS Design, marking a year-end revenue growth of 60% for the firm. This move significantly expands NELSON’s reach into the western United States, anchored by a new hub office in Seattle, Washington.

EHS Design, A NELSON Company