Minneapolis, MN
Riverbridge Partners

Riverbridge Partners, a private financial planning firm, selected NELSON to provide full interior design, furniture and architectural services for their new 10,000 SF office located within the 12th floor of the IDS Center in Minneapolis. This relocation project emphasized the following three key drivers: Budget, Innovation and Aesthetic.

Budget: NELSON delivered the constructed space at an impressive $34/SF. This was achieved by creating visual emphasis on the “Public Areas” of the firm and a strategic reduced cost initiative on the private of office portion of the space. A higher level of detailing, lighting integration and finish materials were incorporated into the reception and conference facilities of the space in order to provide a proper first impression to their current and potential clients. The “office” end of the space received quality finishes and attention but with an engineered lower price point, thus allowing a final solution that truly works from a financial perspective.

Innovation: While the cost savings were achieved, much attention was paid to the current marketplace and how the office should function. Riverbridge Partners' previous environment reflected a very traditional financial services approach and layout. Standard construction, private offices lined the perimeter of the space accompanied by confining, high-panel workstations placed on the interior. The new layout allows for a reduced number of private offices throughout, with those that remain being placed on the interior with no doors and full glass demountable wall panels providing partial privacy and increased interaction. Collaborative conference rooms and open areas are strategically placed throughout with care to not block light from filling the open office areas.

Aesthetic: Overall the space respects the requirement of a look appropriate for a financial planning firm. Crisp and timeless details prevail throughout. The heavy use of glass in public and private spaces allows for an airy and welcoming environment. Light and dark tones are combined to create substance and intrique, while not allowing for a dated or stoic environment.

CREATING New Solutions

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Tactix retained NELSON to provide interior design services for their new location in Center City Philadelphia. The team worked closely with executives to develop new design solutions to fit their needs.



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Fieldglass commissioned NELSON to redesign space with a focus on the creation of a more collaborative work environment allowing for a more efficient workflow.

Fieldglass Inc

CREATING innovative design

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Capital One selected NELSON to help them design their Rolling Meadows location. The NELSON team worked with Capital One’s Design Team and Key Leaders to create their vision of an urban chic work environment.



Creating NEw Opportunities

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Effective November 1, 2016, AAI Design has merged operations with NELSON. The fourth merger on the west coast for NELSON, this deal brings the regional count to over 80 and brings the total number of west coast offices to five.



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NELSON announced its intent to launch TAMI (Technology, Advertising & Media, and Information Business) Practice Area. 


FOCUSING on music and design

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Looking for a fresh new concept that not only captured elements of the music industry but also the city of Minneapolis, Pandora Internet Radio turned to NELSON to provide interior design services for the renovation of their existing office in the IDS Tower.


creating design that "takes off" 

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Gogo commissioned NELSON to create a final workplace solution that would allow for aggressive growth and flexibility while considering new ways of working in a collaborative space.




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NELSON and Veenendaal Cave, Inc. Officially Join Operations, establish the Southeastearn USA as a “Super Region”.


NELSON and Veenendaal Cave, Inc. Join Operations