Timeless Versus Trendy: Finding the Right Balance

September 11
Timeless Versus Trendy: Finding the Right Balance

Let’s face it. Hotels are expensive to build, making design decisions a paramount part of the overall design process. If you’re in the business of building or remodeling a hotel, you will need to develop a plan that provides impactful, long lasting results. Ideally, a hotel should maintain its appearance throughout the years, seeming as beautiful and inviting as it did the day it was completed.

The argument for “timeless” design in the hospitality industry has been highly debated. On one hand, a hotel should be able to stand the test of time, upholding its practicality and sophistication to accommodate guests for many years. However, on the other, it is important to be relevant and capture the zeitgeist or “spirit of the times” as timeless is not always inherently stylish. Although timeless design is indeed valuable, many believe that it is often comparable to boring. 

In the strictest definition, trends are fads that come and go. They typically occur quickly, showing up almost everywhere, and just as swiftly as they started, they disappear, forgotten by the following season. While some trends do ultimately transcend the fashionable and become staples of current lifestyle, it is usually tough, if not impossible to predict.

It is often questioned whether it is possible for décor to be both timeless and trendy. To answer this question, accepting that the interior projects you undertake will not last forever must occur. You must think in advance about the things you eventually might want to change and plan accordingly. With proper decision-making, it is possible to create a timeless backdrop for spaces to evolve,finding the balance of timeless and trendy that’s right for your hotel.Identify the trends that fit in effortlessly with yesterday’s timeless classics.

Think “timeless” for fixed and expensive elements. This process starts with a good base or “bones.” There are certain parts of the design that do not get updated as often, such as bathrooms floor and wall tiles, toilets/tubs and vanities or large case goods. Choosing a flexible color palate of neutrals, classic wood finishes and metal finishes in brushed nickel or chrome will achieve the timeless feel desired.

Classic furniture designs with clean and modern lines contain beauty and a recognizable aesthetic, and selected cabinetry options should be sleek, simple and unadorned. Sustainability goes hand in hand with creating a design that is built-to-last so use sustainable products, focused on artisan-made, recycled or recyclable non-toxic materials.

Be “trendy” with accessories and accents. Vivid colors, patterns, materials and finishes can have a place in the timeless interior.When used along with a much more standard color, trendy tones can add character and panache to a space. With bright colors, less is typically more. For an easy update think soft goods, throws and pillows, table lamps and artwork. To be a bit more involved, think paint, wall covering, carpets and hardware.

A property that is timely will speak to today’s demands and lifestyle. How will you strike a balance between timeless and trendy in your hotel design? Need help figuring out where to begin? NELSON would love to assist you with your next design project!  

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