Laura Plymette Reflects on SMPS Proposal Roundtable

March 16
Laura Plymette Director of Marketing at NELSON
Laura Plymette, Director of Marketing at NELSON

What does the process of creating attention-grabbing proposals entail, and are there any challenges that exist? We caught up with Laura Plymette, Director of Marketing at NELSON to discuss her recent participation at the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) Proposal Coordinator Round Table. The SMPS Proposal Roundtable presented the opportunity to discuss the processes, obstacles, and experiences related to proposal development and composition with other members of the AEC proposal development community. Here's what Laura had to say.

Question: What was the objective of the event?

Answer: The objective was to get together a group of industry peers and have an open and honest discussion about the challenges of putting together eye-catching, attention-grabbing proposals. It was a really great event because it allowed us to take a step out of the vacuum we all operate in and gain insight into the common issues we all share. SMPS provides a great forum for this.

Question: Who participated in the roundtable?

Answer: The roundtable was a mix of marketing, proposal, and business development coordinators, assistants, managers, and directors.

Question: What were some of the takeaways about NELSON’s approach?

Answer: Fortunately, we received a lot of positive feedback! Those familiar with NELSON marketing work pointed out how it we’ve really “stepped it up” over the past six months or so. We know we have areas we want to improve, but it’s great to have confirmation that we’re on the right track, and that our improvements and pushes forward are well received. 

Question: Were there any reoccurring themes present throughout the various participants’ collateral?

Answer: It definitely reinforced how important quality is across the board – quality message, quality graphics, quality materials, quality photography. This applies to our entire industry, no matter the niche.


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